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Venezuelan Fernando Machado became an international news sensation when he announced he was pregnant to trans girlfriend, Diane Rodriguez. The couple met online and just three hours after they started chatting on Facebook, she asked him to come to her hometown of Guayaquil in Ecuador. They moved in together and soon after Fernando became pregnant making history as Latin America’s first transgender parents.


Before she became a mother, Diane was already one of Latin America’s most high profile transgender activists. She has been abducted and threatened for speaking up for LGBTQ rights. In February 2017 she became Ecuador’s first transgender politician when she was elected to the National Assembly.

Her and Fernando’s story reflects a sea-change in attitudes towards diverse families and gender fluidity in Ecuador and internationally.


Olivia Crellin’s half-hour documentary is an intimate portrayal of this extraordinary couple's journey from romance to parenthood to political activism.

The film follows the doting new parents and their six-week-old son, as they challenge complex ideas of gender roles and confront sometimes violent opposition in their mission to promote diverse families in Catholic South America.

If you would like to view the full festival cut of the film, please email

Diane, Fernando and Sununú

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